Weekly Dev Journal - Episode # 23

Weekly Dev Journal - Episode # 23


Welcome to the 23rd Episode of Weekly Dev Journal. Here you will get some useful resources, interesting articles, and my learnings in the programming world.


1 - Coding:

In the previous week, I work mostly on my App. The App is almost DONE, just required some final touching and after that, it will be ready to PUBLISH.

I waited so much for this moment. In a few more days (2-3), a dream will be accomplished In Sha ALLAH.

2 - First Team Project:

I got the idea for a new project & I talked about it with one of my Friends. And We decide to execute the idea. Initial planning is DONE. The scope and features needed to be implemented have been decided. As soon as I completed the App, I will start working on it and complete it In Sha ALLAH.

This will be my first team project.

3 - ML Course:

On the learning side, I started a Supervised Machine Learning course on DataCamp.

I have completed 3 out of 4 chapters of it. Maybe I will complete the last chapter today.

This is my first step in the ML field. I have ideas and some dreams that need to be completed.

While taking the course, I realized all of the stuff is mostly based on Math & I was having a tough time understanding the concepts but I think I will fix this issue after some time by working more on this.

Quote of the Week:

I am adding a new section to this series. This section will be named "Quote of the Week" where I will write one quote (or many) that I read that week and I Found worth sharing with you.

Here is the quote for this week.

Sometimes, Healing hurts more than the wound.


These are some articles that I have read and you can read too:

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See you in the Next Episode :-)

xx Psycho