Weekly Dev Journal - Episode # 26

Weekly Dev Journal - Episode # 26


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Welcome to the 26th Episode of Weekly Dev Journal. Here you will get some useful resources, interesting articles, and my learnings in the programming world.

The previous week, I was not able to write the article as I hadn't done anything other than work on my startup idea.

Anyway, Let's get started with this week.


1 - Coding:

For coding part,

Mostly I worked on startup ideas that I had in mind & I wanted to execute and validate it by making MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to see if that idea would work.

I will write complete details about it in a separate article once I launch it.

The learning curve is great. I did things in this project that I haven't done previously which is good. I try to implement some real-world features like streaks, posts etc.

This week I bought the domain for the website.

I found a little difficulty in implementing the Notification Feature, where users will get notifications on important events. I haven't used any library to achieve this as some of the libraries are paid and I don't have much time to experiment with Socket IO to get the work done so I did it in a simple way which will be a problem when the website grows but I will fix it later.

Quote of the Week:

Here is the quote for this week.

Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art, it is a practice. โ€“ Peter Drucker

Question of the Week:

From this EPISODE, I am adding a new question to the newsletter. The question would be from anywhere coding, movies anything.

You can comment down your question & if you have subscribed to my newsletter (if not do it by clicking here), then you probably read this in your email, then you can reply to this email.

I want to do it like Twitter where You can choose the answer in the form of MCQ but I can't do that right now, I will see it in the next episodes as I got the idea for this section while writing this Episode ๐Ÿ˜

Ok let's start with this week's question:

How often do you reflect on or review your goals?

  1. Daily

  2. Weekly

  3. Monthly

  4. Do I need to reflect? ๐Ÿค”


These are some articles that I have read and you can read too:

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See you in the Next Episode :-)

xx Psycho