Weekly Dev Journal - Episode # 24

Weekly Dev Journal - Episode # 24


Welcome to the 24th Episode of Weekly Dev Journal. Here you will get some useful resources, interesting articles, and my learnings in the programming world.


1 - Coding:

Although I work mostly on Figma this week, I still code some projects.

First, was the Machine Learning project which I will discuss in Machine Learning Section later in this episode.

Second, I haven't experimented with Socket IO so this week, I dedicated some time to get familiar with it. Maybe I will use it in my future projects.

2 - Machine Learning:

Nowadays, I am learning Machine Learning by watching courses, reading blogs etc.

The thing is this is a vast field and complete my 1st course and I was having difficulty understanding it as It was Statistics, Probability and other Math stuff.

I made my first ML project which was "Classify Song Genres from Audio Data".

Basically, I have song data that consists of different songs of two genres "Hip-Hop" & "Rock".

I need to pre-process the data, make a model, train it and predict to test the accuracy and result.

I ended up with this:

I made two models, Decision-Tree and Logistic Regression. And Logistic Regression gave more accuracy of 78% than the Decision-Tree which was at 75%

Besides this, I started a new course on DataCamp & thinking of starting a new ML project to get more familiar with concepts that I have learned but have confusion with some concepts.

Here are some of my projects ideas to try out:

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Recommendation System (Maybe Movies, Music, Books, Posts etc)

  • Spam Email Detection (Like GMAIL, YAHOO)

  • Medical-related project (Suggestion if you have any medical-related machine learning project)

I made a repository to save all of my ML progress, learnings and projects in one place. You can check that out if you want:

3 - Team Project:


I wrote about it in EP # 23 that I have started a new project with my friends.

The previous week, We worked on the Design part of the idea.

Now this week, we have a plan of making MVP for our idea. This would be the product with minimum features that can explain our idea to users.

Quote of the Week:

Here is the quote for this week.

Work on your DREAMS like your LIFE depends on it.


These are some articles that I have read and you can read too:

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See you in the Next Episode :-)

xx Psycho