Weekly Dev Journal - Episode # 28

Weekly Dev Journal - Episode # 28


Welcome to the 28th Episode of Weekly Dev Journal.

Let's start with today's Episode.

I haven't written anything for 2 months now and it's crazy.

I was taking my time to make ideas flow in my mind but after wasting 2 months, I came to the conclusion that it's a waste of time to sit idle until any idea hits your mind and you start working or writing on it. Keep yourself busy in your shit and ideas will flow continuously.



I created a simple Budget Tracker for students that allows them students to log their spending every month.

I had the idea in my mind and it was a great project to execute as I learned many things throughout the process.

One thing that I tried in this project was to add a PRO version to my website so that users could buy the premium version of it.

For that, I implemented Stripe in my project and it's working fine but STRIPE is not available yet in Pakistan so I can't be able to use it on the live website.

You can try the free version of the project:


Another project that I tried previously was the e-Commerce website. I just wanted to get my hands dirty on e-commerce with Next JS because I did this project a long time ago with Django and I wanted to do the same thing but with Next JS.

So, I made that project.

I haven't made it LIVE till now but soon release it with more modifications.

Semester Projects:

I am currently in 3rd Semester, where I enrolled in Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA) and Computer Organization & Assembly Language (COAL).

Almost one month is left for FINALS and I picked projects for both subjects and had to complete them by FINALS.

I haven't completed any milestones in these projects, just starting and working on these projects.


I became MSLA this week after 6 months of waiting.

If you haven't read my previous blunder on MLSA, you read can the following article to get the full point of view :-)


Random talk aka Philosophical talk:

Sometimes, people find themselves in a puzzling state, not sure about who they are or what the future holds. This might happen when they think something important is missing in their life. It may be someone or some goal that hasn't been achieved yet and even though things may seem uncertain, people often come back stronger, having learned from it.

Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.
Nelson Mandela

Future Plans:

After spending time thinking about future goals & doing some reflections, I have to start again on the same track as before I was doing. I need to do more reflections on myself and my goals.

I will start working on LogFusion again as I launched the MVP and after that I haven't done any development or do any marketing.

I have many ideas for my next projects and I have to gain more skills to make those projects.

Other than that, I have several incomplete projects that I started but still need some attention to complete and I stopped working on them for some reason. I also need to dedicate some time to it.

In other words, I need solid time management so that everything is completed.

And of course, I will share my progress here of what I have done in my projects because that is what I love to do besides the work.

Quote of the Week:

The Work everyone sees happens because of the work no one sees.

That's it for this one.

Hope you like the episode.

You can share it with your fellow friends. See you in the next week. maybe ;-)

- Psycho