Wrapping Up 2nd Semester of University - Learnings & My Goals Summary

Wrapping Up 2nd Semester of University - Learnings & My Goals Summary


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It's the END of 2nd semester. Hell, time passed so fast.

Anyways, It's time to reflect on the 2nd-semester journey and see goals progress and learnings of this period.

I wrote an article at the start of 2nd semester about goals for 2nd semester. You can read it for more context: Read Here

I will write here the goals that I have achieved because at the start, I had a roadmap but I had to change the roadmap for some reasons.

This semester was tough. I had to figure out some things to work in my favor but then I realized it's the hard work in your hand, not the outcome of it.

Convert my Ideas to Code:

This was my first goal, and I think I completed it.

So, I worked on 2 of my own products. And a Fun fact, I worked on both of them in SUMMER Vacations ๐Ÿ˜Ž because I had a hard time coding my products during my university days. One of them is already released which is LogFusion.

This was the screenshot when I added LogFusion on ProductHunt and scheduled the launch.

Next JS:

One goal was to explore NEXT JS in depth.

I made LogFusion which is my 1st product in NEXT JS. During the development process, I learned so many new things that I haven't done before and it was a great experience working on new things, getting out of my comfort zone and making new features that I use in my daily life.

Most of my time, I spend working on different projects using NEXT JS and other tech stacks but mainly Web Development stuff.

So, This goal was also completed but as you know, NEXT JS is a framework and there are so many things that I haven't explored but I will do it for now.

These are some of the highlights.

Story Feature:

Post add form where I took inspiration from Twitter and made it from scratch.

That's it.

Now, I have missed some of the GOALS that I have mentioned in this article.

I was not able to focus completely on my GOALS this semester because of many REASONS that I know, and I think that's OK.

Will come back stronger than ever. IA.

That's it for this article.

See you in the next one ;-)

xx Psycho